Business Units

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    Plastics and Polymers

    We are proud to be a part of Pakistan’s fast-emerging plastic industry by providing value and creating innovative plastics solutions for Advanced Packaging, Film and Molding, Appliances, Automotives, Healthcare and Medical, Pipes, Steel Pipe Coatings and Wire & Cable applications through technologically advanced suppliers from around the globe. We also provide technical support in terms […]

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    Poultry Feed Ingredients and Veterinary Raw Materials

    The Poultry Feed Ingredients and Veterinary Raw Materials Department of division petrochimique offers services to all Feed Mills and Veterinary Medicine Manufacturers in Pakistan, by sourcing from world’s most recognized manufacturers at best available costs. We supply Amino Acids, Vitamins, Growth Promoters, Coccidiostats, Antibiotics, Minerals etc. We serve large manufacturers and traders, small and medium size operators […]

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    Industrial and specialty Chemicals and Solvents

    Industrial and specialty Chemicals department of division petrochimique plays an important role by identifying both Commodity and Specialty Chemicals from the world’s renowned sources and channeling them to the various industries in Pakistan. We believe in developing long term relationships with our customers and involve ourselves in the process right from identification of our product sources to […]

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    Pharma API and Excipients

    The Pharmaceutical Industries in Pakistan rely on imports for their requirements of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s), Excipients & Intermediates. The Pharmaceutical Department of division petrochimique serves in identifying the optimal sources & services from internationally acclaimed manufacturers and suppliers and facilitates connecting them to national & multi-national Pharmaceutical Companies for their formulations. We also cater to the […]