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  • Efficient System
  • A beacon of innovation

    From the time of its inception, division petrochimique arfeen International has been a beacon of integrity, innovation and excellence.

    division petrochimique is not only accredited for its success in its 5 major chemical departments namely Pharmaceuticals, Industrial and specialty Chemicals, Poultry Feed & Veterinary Chemicals, Plastics and polymers, but also in trading numerous other commodities.

  • Our history

    Arfeen international is one of the leading business groups in Pakistan, with a solid reputation of innovation , integrity and professionalism. The group has pioneered in a wide spectrum of activities including trading, manufacturing, real estate, entertainment, construction, telecom, building materials and many more coming.

    In 1886 the arfeen group had a humble beginning in Delhi of the then undivided India by our Great Grand Father Mr. Shams‐ul‐Arfeen. The enterprise dealt with finished and raw pharmaceutical products. The company was called Shams‐ul‐Arfeen & and; company. With the partition of India and creation of Pakistan in 1947, the second generation of arfeens headed by Mr. Firoz‐ul‐ Arfeen traveled to Pakistan and established the company’s headquarters in Karachi. By this time the company had developed a solid reputation of sound business ethics and dynamic approach to the newly created market. However the company was still small and mostly focused on its historic business of pharmaceutical products.

    With the arrival of the 3rd generation of the arfeens came a boost of fresh energy and new ideas for development which lead to the creation of Arfeen international in 1969. The newly formed company with young entrepreneurial talent soon became a leading supplier of pharmaceutical raw materials and ingredients to the industry, sourcing its supplies from a network of principals and associates around the globe. The company then diversified its operations into newer areas like plastics, industrial chemicals, food and commodity grains, fertilizers, fuel oils etc.

    The growth was tremendous and to ensure that this growth was duly supported by a strong corporate culture, newer companies lead by dedicated and professional teams were established. Today the Arfeen group has a diversified portfolio of businesses including, petrochemicals, plastics and pharmaceuticals, telecom, real estate and entrainment, building materials, construction and many more to come.

    Division Petrochimique of Arfeen International continues to be one of the core businesses of the group. Continuously expanding and ensuring its leadership position trough innovation and dynamic adaption to the emerging challenges with an eye on the future and a competent grasp on the present. Division Petrochimique now with a competent team almost a 100 professionals has its head office based in Karachi and branch offices in Lahore and Islamabad catering to a wide spectrum of industries throughout Pakistan.

    The division’s activities are classified into following Business Units :
    • Our Philosophy

      The arfeen business philosophy is soaked with age-old traditions of commerce and adherence to uncompromising moral values with a commitment to thrive to stay ahead through constant innovation.

    • Our Strength

      The experiences of the group and the strength of its partnerships have been galvanized into an invincible belief that quality is fundamental to success in every facet of business – the people that it employs, the workplace it avails, the service it renders, the goods it trades, the social obligations it fulfills and the environment it generates.

    • Our Commitment

      Our team is forever committed to improving the quality of life by bringing in the best of innovative technologies, services and products. We take pride in affirming to have onboard a group of highly knowledgeable, competent, motivated and well reputed professionals leading the team.

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